Not only 80 000 glasverarbeitende holdings and tilers in Germany have created a demand for the new technology of the Twin Power: Even window Bauer, furniture, painting and metal manufacturers need such a device in order to be able to work effectively. Over 200 000 businesses a potent target group for the disposal of the Power-Twin.

As a licensee you have the possibility to the Power-Twin themselves from the manufacture and sales of the device. The numbers and sales forecasts to speak for themselves. It will be an annual sales of about 3000 to 4000 piece in the targeted industrial customers for the first two years. The revenue is expected to lie __ percent higher than the production costs. This means a net profit of approximately __ euros per sold Power-Twin.

You see - the Power-Twin is a rewarding quality product. Talk to us to learn more about the possibilities of industrial production of its licensed power Twins to learn.